Dani Stipe, Marketing and Design Manager

Dani Stipe received degrees in Graphic Communications and Biology from the University of Northern Iowa in 2011 and joined Star Destinations in 2016 as the lead designer and marketing specialist. Her eye for design brings each itinerary to life through stunning visuals that spark excitement. Whether it is an eye-catching brochure or a postcard series on must-see films to delve into the history surrounding a tour, Dani enjoys creating marketing materials that leave an impression.

Dani previously worked at a branding agency as a copywriter, video producer, and brand strategist for cities, startups, and Fortune 50 companies. She has led corporate rebrands and developed names and taglines for Iowa towns, national companies, and international products. Her video work includes an award-winning short film, Q Brothers collaborations, and a production featuring HGTV’s Property Brothers. In her free time, Dani enjoys photography and seeing the world. Her favorite destinations include Alaska and Curacao, while photographing wildlife in Africa and the Galapagos Islands top her bucket list.