Packing The Necessities

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date: 06/29/2020
  1. At least one smart casual outfit (that you can style different ways)

Everyday touring calls for a certain level of comfort, but there may be times we want or need to look our best. You may be attending restaurants and venues that require a hint of sophistication, which is why it is best to always pack at least one smart casual outfit that can be styled different ways. Say for instance you know that you’ll likely attend a couple nice dinners and a symphony concert on your upcoming European tour. For women, pack a nice pair of dress pants or a skirt, which can be paired nicely with a simple top and a colorful cardigan. Men can wear dress pants, a nice collared shirt, and sports coat if needed. Do not overthink your smart casual attire, just do not leave home without this important ensemble.

  1. Comfortable shoes for touring. At max bring only three pairs of shoes – the pair you are wearing and two others you absolutely need.

Some days you can put in a lot of steps while on tour, whether you are walking around a beautiful castle, getting to know a new city, or wandering around a museum. A good pair of walking shoes on tour is an absolute must. Your feet will thank you when you choose the comfortable shoes over your cute, stylish shoes.

  1. Do your research for everyday clothing essentials

Packing can be a bit overwhelming when you are going to somewhere you have never been before. Doing some research about your destination can be very helpful for choosing your everyday clothing. Check out what the weather will be like, read up on your itinerary, and think about what you would be most comfortable wearing during certain activities. From a long flight or extended time on the motorcoach, to walking along cobblestone streets in Germany or exploring beautiful national parks in the United States, each tour can be very different. Layering and packing versatile clothing can be very helpful!

  1. Pack important prescriptions and other toiletries you cannot go without

Do not forget important prescriptions and toiletries you need! It could be difficult or expensive to get a new prescription while abroad, so always bring more enough medication with you on tour. Sleeping or motion sickness pills may also be something you would like to pack.

  1. Include a few “extra” accessories that you may not think you will need

A few “extra” accessories can be managed when you pack smart and limit how much you bring. Ask yourself if you will need each item on tour. Sunglasses, camera batteries/memory cards, a power adapter/converter, and a hat can all be very useful on tour. Consider a thick coat, rain jacket, gloves, or a scarf if your destination is cold or wet. It may even be a good idea to bring along a swimming suit as some hotels on tour may have spas and pools that you will want to utilize. Do your research and you will be better prepared!

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