Traci Deets, Tour Operations Specialist

Traci Deets began her career as a tour operations specialist for Star Destinations in 2022, bringing more than a dozen years experience in both hotel sales/management and human resources to her role. Her skills in navigating interpersonal relationships and managing critical details in hotel operations and small-business ownership have positioned Traci for success at Star Destinations.

In her free time, Traci enjoys expressing her creativity through crafting and concrete, creating beautiful garden statues in partnership with her husband. Concerts and camping are a few of her favorite hobbies, as is getting out to see the country! The self-proclaimed “biggest Elvis fan” is always up for a trip to Graceland, with Seattle and the Gulf Shores close seconds on her list of favorite destinations. Traci is looking forward to hitting the Vegas Strip for all things Elvis someday, and she is currently daydreaming about a trip to any tropical destination!