Why You Need a Tour Manager

by: admin
date: 06/29/2020

Tour managers are expertly trained to handle the logistics of your tour, from confirming reservations to resolving any issues that may arise. Having them take charge of these responsibilities frees you to focus on your number one priority – the satisfaction of your travelers. So, while your tour manager is busy filling out paperwork and calling to confirm schedules for the next day’s attractions, meals, and transportation, you can be enjoying a glass of wine with your customers!

Tour manager responsibilities:

En route to the next hotel, call ahead to confirm arrival time and ensure keys are ready.

Call ahead to attractions and restaurants to confirm reservation times and payment.
– What do you do when traffic is going to make you miss your confirmed tour time?
– What if the attraction or restaurant has misplaced your group’s record of payment?
– What should you do if a restaurant scheduling error leaves it understaffed during your meal, with slow service meaning disgruntled, hungry travelers and a day’s schedule that will now be impossible to keep?

Provide appropriate tips to all drivers, guides, waitstaff, etc.

Attend to sickness or injuries following appropriate protocol.
– Do you go to the hospital with the individual or stay with the remainder of the group?
– Should you allow others to go with the individual to the hospital?
– Who/what is covered by travel protection in these instances?
– What if the group needs to continue on to another city or country while the sick/injured individual remains in the hospital?

Provide entertaining and informative commentary on motorcoach rides and touring when not accompanied by a local guide.

Assist with airline check-in and luggage handling on the motorcoach, ensure wake-up calls, determine motorcoach seating arrangements, etc.
– What do you do if your flight is canceled?
– What should you do if a delayed flight means a missed connection, affecting transportation and touring times upon arrival at your final destination?
– How should you handle tardy passengers?
– What if something is left behind on the plane, on the motorcoach, or in a hotel?

A tour manager is trained to handle each of these situations and many more. Often, you may not even know something has gone awry because your tour manager will swiftly handle it.

If you’re leading a tour on your own, are these tasks you’re ready to take on? Are these issues you’re prepared to handle?

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