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What we do for you

  • We coordinate all travel arrangements, including transportation, accommodations, meals, and attractions.
  • We offer domestic and international travel including complete cruise packages.
  • We price your tours as you would like: net pricing, commissionable pricing, with a complimentary tour or without. Remember, you are the determining partner.
  • We personalize all marketing materials, from brochures and posters to table tents and postcards.
  • We provide document packets for your travelers that are designed specifically for each trip.
  • On international and extended domestic tours, we develop a custom information booklet on the sites you will be visiting.
  • For all cruise tours we provide a complete booklet at deposit (or as available) that offers a full description of the ship and detailed information about each port of call, including all shore excursions available at each one.
  • There are never unexpected surprises that cost you time or money. The only surprises we believe in are the good ones – a unique dining experience, a little gift, an unexpected stop, or a special speaker!
  • We provide professional tour managers who will make sure your tour exceeds your expectations and those of your valued travelers.
  • We live by the belief that the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the “little extra.”

Marketing materials

We know that running your club is a lot of work and you need something that is going to speak to your audience and help you sell. That is where we come in.

We can create the items you need to get the attention of your prospective travelers. Wow them with vibrant materials that will make them wish they were already there. Give them confidence in your club with professional looking information. Provide them with the little extras that will get them interested and keep them excited about your upcoming tours.

CAll: (712) 792-9793 Sample Itineraries