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Bank Travel Clubs

When planning a bank sponsored tour, it is important to hire a travel company that understands professionalism and excellent customer service. Every detail is important, from the transportation arrangements, to the hotel accommodations, and to every place that you visit along the way. Here at Star Destinations, all of these details are taken care of for you. We understand the unique needs of bank clubs and bank loyalty programs, which is why we offer personalized service at great prices.

Our tour planners will work with you on your numbers and set deposits accordingly to give you the time that you need for your customers to sign up for your upcoming trip. With over 30 years in the touring business, Star Destinations knows all the ins and outs of traveling. We can customize your trip in any way that you please. Whether you are looking for an exciting, adventurous tour or a more laid back vacation at a resort, we can accommodate you. You will find our team helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. Here at Star Destinations, we put the needs of our travelers first. Your safety, well-being, and experience is our number one priority!