Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Travel Clubs

“When talking great trips, locations and vendors, Star Destinations is right there at the top!”
- Debbie & Julie, bank club directors

“I like the fact that tips and gratuities are included in the trip fee. I have traveled with groups where it is not included. Some people just don’t tip and it is embarrassing for the group as a whole.”
- Mark P., Danube River cruise

“This trip could not have been better. We will be back for more!”
- Ireland traveler

“The experience of travel – new countries, new cities – the culture of each and the opportunity to meet new friends – on trips like this you never stop learning.”
- Bob S., Danube River cruise

"Fantastic trip. Loved every minute. So glad to have someone else doing the driving so I could appreciate the scenery."
- Linda E., Canadian Rockies

"I have never been on a better organized trip."
- Ireland traveler

Tour Managers

“Cathy does an excellent job in all facets. She is a skillful planner extremely organized and always pleasant, even when her guests may be challenging!”
- Ireland traveler

“Cathy is incredible! Not only as a tour manager, but as a thoughtful, caring person. She is always thinking of the welfare of the tour participants and goes beyond our expectations.”
- Jan D., Greek cruise

“Polly was a delight to work with. I would take her again.”
- Cindy T., Bank club director, Danube River cruise

“Couldn’t have had anyone better! [Polly] was very organized and accommodating.”
- Mary Ellen S., Danube River cruise

Student Travel

“Thank you! I am so glad you helped us on our trip.”
- Sophia, DC/NY student traveler

“This was a very fun experience and if I could I would do it again.”
- Jocelynn, DC/NY student traveler

"We got to spend a lot of time in Times Square and I enjoyed that very much."
- Hannah D., DC/NY student traveler

"Many of my uncles, my dad and brothers are in the service so the memorials had very special meaning to me. Loved it!"
- Tami O., DC/NY student traveler

"Best trip ever! Would go anytime again in a heartbeat."
- Chloe C., DC/NY student traveler

"The trip was amazing and the experience was even better."
- DC/NY student traveler

"It was a very positive experience for everyone. All had a wonderful time! Blue Man Group is a must-see for everyone, and our students were fascinated by medieval times. The Field Museum was a very nice place to perform – the acoustics were amazing!"
- Parent chaperone, Chicago

"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Rich Wolfe (Tour Manager) was great and Star Destinations was a pleasure to work with."
- Band director, Orlando

"The trip was well organized and the Tour Guide did an excellent job on the trip. I would recommend Star Destinations to anyone looking for a trip."
- Band director, Chicago

Group Leaders We Make It Easy

Are you a bank club director or a group leader looking to plan an exciting travel opportunity for your group? Star Destinations is here to help you coordinate an amazing experience that is unique and convenient for you and your fellow travelers.

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