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Step into a world where your wedding dreams are the guiding star, and let’s navigate this exciting journey together!


Destination and Venue

You and your Star wedding coordinator will start by discussing your ideas, expectations, and budget for your wedding. Do you have a corner of the world that tugs at your heartstrings? Great, we’ll bring your dream to life! Want some inspiration? We have plenty of suggestions, from dreamy Caribbean resorts and charming mountain hideaways to western ranches and vineyards! Once you have chosen your perfect destination, we will lock it in!

Event Details

Now we start taking the dream and making the details a reality. What do you want your wedding day, weekend, or week to look like? We will talk catering, flowers, decor, photography, music, activities for guests, and so much more. It’s our job to know your wants and needs both inside and out and craft a team of vendors who will make the whole experience memorable for you and your guests.

Want to keep the dance floor hopping? Here’s a list of top DJs and live bands to consider. Looking for photos with a modern vibe? Check out the portfolios of these local photographers. Excited to offer a different spin on wedding food? These food trucks are the talk of the town.

The bottom line? We give you options and then make them happen.

Travel Arrangements

Our team will handle your travel arrangements and those of your guests, if they wish. Star Destinations will design Save-the-Booking-Date cards with event details and Star Destinations’ contact information for you to share with family and friends.


Arranging the accommodations can look very different depending on the destination, but we’ve got you covered! Whether off-site at local hotels or on-site with rooms at an all-inclusive resort or quaint cottages on a Southern estate just a short walk from the gardens where the ceremony will take place, Star Destinations will show you the options and make all the arrangements.


Destination weddings are the perfect opportunity for you and your guests to experience a new part of the country or world! We have the inside track on the top things to see and do in your destination and can coordinate adventures for the couple, the wedding party, and guests. Catamaran cruise, horseback riding, wine tasting…the possibilities are endless!


Destination Wedding Inspiration

United States              International

United States

Orange Beach (Alabama)

Orange Beach, AL, is a little slice of Southern coastal heaven luring in young couples with its blend of laid-back vibes and seaside splendor for a wedding destination that’s all about making waves – in the best way possible. Imagine walking down an aisle made of soft, warm sand to meet the gaze of your true love against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico’s sparkling waters stretching out to the horizon like an unspoken promise of endless possibility. It’s the kind of place where you can say “I do” under a pastel sky and dance the night away to tunes that mix the country with the coast, all while indulging in fresh seafood.

After the festivities, let the adventure continue with paddle boarding excursions, deep-sea fishing, or simply soaking in the sun on a dolphin cruise. Orange Beach is more than a venue. It’s where bliss and beach life blend to craft the beginning of your happily ever after. So grab your shades, kick off those heels, and get ready to celebrate love in true Alabama style.

Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada)

Lake Tahoe is where fairy tales and Snapchat stories collide, a slice of paradise for you thrill-seeking lovebirds looking to tie the knot. Picture this: saying “I do” on the shimmering shores of America’s clearest lake, with views so epic, you won’t believe they’re real. Say your vows on a rustic pier stretching into the infinite blue, surrounded by snow-capped peaks that give “til death do us part” a whole new level of awe-inspiring. After the ceremony, take the party to the next level with a lakeside reception under twinkling stars. Your first dance lit by a bonfire’s glow as your favorite jams echo softly into the wilderness.

Want to add some spice to your pre-wedding jitters? Dive into Tahoe’s adrenaline-pumping activities – kayak with your squad, hike hidden trails, or hit the slopes, depending on the season. Wrap up your magical weekend with craft cocktails and a boat ride at sunset with the golden hour sun glinting off the water. Lake Tahoe isn’t just a spot on the map. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, kicking off your journey together with nature, style, and a boatload of unforgettable memories.

Napa Valley (California)

Napa Valley is your dream wedding destination uncorked, a blend of rustic elegance and contemporary vibes that elevates your special day to an event that is sip-worthy. Exchange your vows amidst rolling vineyards with rows of vines stretching to the horizon, turning golden under the California sun. This is the kind of place where your love story gets the gourmet treatment – think wine pairings with every delectable dish and a farm-to-table feast that will have your foodie friends raving.

Snap those sunlit selfies as you and your partner wander through lavender fields or toast to forever with an artisanal wine that’s as unique and complex as your relationship. And when you’re done celebrating, retreat to a boutique villa to soak in the views from a hilltop hot tub or maybe even take a hot air balloon ride at dawn. Because here in Napa, your love is literally on cloud wine. From the laid-back pace to the sophisticated charm, Napa Valley is the place to start your life together on a high note, surrounded by beauty that’s just as vibrant and full of life as you are.


Feeling a sense of wanderlust? Colorado is the ultimate place for those chill, Insta-worthy wedding vibes you’ve been dreaming of. Imagine tying the knot with the sun-dappled Rocky Mountains as your no-filter-needed backdrop. Your squad can hit the slopes, take in the ski life at first-class resorts, find a new favorite brewery, or kick back in the unreal beauty of wildflower-dotted meadows.

Exchange vows on a mountaintop or in a cozy, reclaimed wood lodge before capping off your magical day with a breathtaking sunset that ignites the sky in fiery shades over the dramatic peaks. It’s the ultimate combo of serene, majestic, and straight-up fun that is sure to check the boxes for everyone on your list. Colorado is more than a destination – it’s the start of your epic love story. So pack your bags because Rocky Mountain romance is waiting!

Destin (Florida)

Embark on a love story where the emerald waters of the Gulf Coast brush softly against sugar-white beaches, and Destin, FL, emerges as a dreamy wedding destination for young couples with saltwater in their souls. Picture your perfect day with a gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair as you walk down an aisle made of soft sands, the vast ocean in attendance. It’s casual yet elegant, brimming with Southern charm that feels just as welcoming as the endless blue sky above. After you’ve sealed your promises, let the festivities begin with a reception that combines the freshest seafood with beachfront views, creating a laid-back soiree where flip-flops are welcomed and dancing under the stars is mandatory.

Whether it’s a sunset cruise around the harbor, paddle boarding escapades, or simply basking in the sun’s glow, Destin provides that magical place where love comes with a side of adventure and relaxation in equal measure. And as the day winds down, your first sunset as a married couple ignites the sky in fiery pastels, a canvas only nature could provide. Destin isn’t just a sunny oasis; it’s where your hearts find a home in the rhythm of the waves.


Let’s set sail to paradise – Hawaii is calling, with its aloha spirit and dreamlike romance, making it a top-tier wedding destination for young couples eager to begin their lifelong voyage. This is where vibrant tropical flowers and the soothing sounds of ukuleles create the soundtrack to your beachfront “I do’s.” Envision palm trees swaying as you exchange leis, the warm Pacific lapping at the shore while the sun dips below the horizon, painting a masterpiece in the sky. The Hawaiian Islands are a treasure trove of secret waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, and emerald cliffs perfect for those postcard-worthy wedding snaps.

After the ceremony, indulge in a luau feast under the stars as hula dancers and fire twirlers mesmerize your guests and the flavors of the islands delight everyone’s taste buds. From adventurous helicopter rides over Kauai’s Na Pali Coast to snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui’s crystal-clear waters, Hawaii provides the ultimate blend of relaxation and adventure. So kick off your shoes, feel the warmth of the sand between your toes, and let Hawaii’s natural magic take your breath away as you embark on love’s greatest journey.

Las Vegas (Nevada)

Alright, buckle up for the ultimate wedding ride of your life, where glitz, glam, and good times roll 24/7. We’re heading to Las Vegas, baby! Imagine tying the knot in a city that’s all about defying expectations, where you can say “I do” with an Elvis impersonator serenading you or in a luxurious resort that makes you feel like rockstars. The neon glow of The Strip lights up your love story, offering endless wedding venues from the iconic chapels to posh hotels and every fantasy can become reality. After you’ve made it official, dive into a night (or who are we kidding, several nights) of celebration – world-class dining experiences, showstopping performances, and casinos where you might just win big on your love.

Whether you’re boldly hopping into a limo for a whirlwind photo tour or taking a love-infused gondola ride at the Venetian, Las Vegas spells out E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T for all. No two Vegas weddings are the same, making it the perfect canvas to paint your dream wedding, larger than life and twice as unforgettable. Get ready to place your bets on forever in the ultimate desert oasis where love hits the jackpot every time.

Catskills (New York)

Embark on a journey upstate where the wild beauty of nature creates an enchanting retreat for your wedding day – welcome to the Catskills. Nestled in the heart of New York’s panoramic landscapes, it’s like stepping into an Instagram frame where every filter is set to “stunning.” Breathe in the fresh pine air as you exchange your vows within a grove of towering trees or by a serene lake that mirrors the endless sky. The Catskills offer that hip, vintage Americana vibe, with refurbished barns and quaint inns that are perfect for both boho-chic festivities and epic dance parties.

Dive into locally-sourced feasts that will thrill the foodie in everyone, and treat your guests to craft beers and ciders echoing the spirit of the region. Post-ceremony, wander hand-in-hand along trails adorned with waterfalls or cozy up by a fire pit as the stars make their grand appearance. For the couple that craves a getaway both rustic and refined, the Catskills provide the picturesque setting to begin your next adventure side by side. It’s less about following traditions and more about making your own – right here, in the untamed heart of nature.

Charleston (South Carolina)

Charleston is like stepping into a real-life Pinterest board, a storybook setting where Southern charm and romantic history create the ultimate wedding scene for the modern couple. Envision exchanging vows beneath Spanish moss-draped oaks in an antebellum garden while the sweet scent of magnolias fills the air. The city’s cobblestone streets and pastel antebellum houses offer a vibrant backdrop as timeless as your love, with a pop of culture that will have your weddings pics attracting likes.

Enjoy time with your guests as you hit up the local foodie scene – it’s all about Lowcountry cuisine and craft cocktails that give your tastebuds their own happily ever after. Whether you’re dancing the night away in a historic mansion surrounded by jazz music or sailing into your new life on a sunset cruise around the harbor, Charleston is the spot where cool meets quaint. It’s where you and your partner can start your forever in the heart of Southern nostalgia wrapped in modern elegance. It’s time to grab your “something old and something new” and say “I do” in a city as lively and young at heart as you!

Park City (Utah)

Oh, Park City, UT? Say no more. This mountain gem is like a little slice of alpine paradise, perfect for couples who are all about those cozy vibes and epic backdrops. Imagine exchanging vows with the majestic Wasatch Range as your witness, under skies so blue they’ll make your wedding photos look filtered without the need for Instagram magic. It’s a place where rustic meets luxury, where lanterns light up barn-style receptions, and fire pits warm up your wedding party as the stars twinkle a congrats from above.

Your guests will be buzzing about the adventure from day one – I mean, who wouldn’t love a chairlift ride to the top of the world on your wedding day? And let’s talk about winter weddings. Park City turns into a snowy wonderland, with horse-drawn sleighs and the crisp sound of ski boots. But no matter the season, it’s where love stories amp up the altitude. Whether it is a luxe resort or a quaint mountain lodge, Park City creates the kind of intimate, yet adventurous, atmosphere young, thrill-seeking lovebirds yearn for.

Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

Imagine a wedding day that captures the wild heart of the American West in Jackson Hole, WY – a gem tucked in the Teton Range where rugged meets refined and majestic scenery sets the grandest stage for young love. Pledge your forever in the embrace of nature, with the dramatic Tetons standing witness, their peaks rising like spires of a natural cathedral. Host a charming, rustic-chic celebration in a barn that whispers tales of the old frontier or a luxe lodge offering both coziness and class beneath open skies that stretch into forever.

Your guests will be treated to an authentic Western experience, from horseback rides through alpine meadows to awe-inspiring wildlife tours. As the evening closes, gather around a crackling fire pit, sharing stories as the stars twinkle over Wyoming like diamonds strewn across a velvet cloth. Jackson Hole isn’t just about the start of a marriage; it’s about the start of an adventure that’s as bold as it is beautiful, where your love story is penned with strokes of adventure and whispers of the wild.


Cabo (Mexico)

Oh hey there, sun-seeking lovebirds. Let’s chat about saying “I do” in the land where the desert meets the sea – none other than stunning Cabo. Picture yourselves exchanging vows on a sugar-white beach with the turquoise Sea of Cortez as your witness and the soft strumming of a Spanish guitar filling the air. Cabo’s exotic vibes offer a mixtape of chill and thrill, where you can slow dance in the sand after a beach bash under the stars or amp up the adrenaline with some jet-skiing vows.

Think epic cliff-side photoshoots, infinity pools spilling into the ocean, and seafood spreads that are all about that fresh-catch life. Your guests will love it, from snorkeling adventures with tropical fish to sipping margaritas as the sun melts into the ocean. Cap off the perfect day with a private boat cruise or a tasty tequila tasting. In Cabo, love isn’t just in the air; it’s in every sunset, every wave, and every moment that makes up the fiesta of a lifetime. Get ready to spice up your wedding story with a splash of Baja magic – because Cabo is where your forever is set to a soundtrack of waves and wonder.

Cancun (Mexico)

Cancun is where you’ll find the electric pulse of your forever starting under the Caribbean sun, a hotspot that promises young couples a splash of tropical elegance and non-stop fun. Picture yourselves exchanging vows with the crystalline waters of the Caribbean as your canvas, glowing in every shade of blue imagined by the heavens. Luxurious all-inclusive resorts offer ceremonies on powdery beaches or sky-high terraces that serve up sunset views so hot, you’ll swear they’re competing with your romance.

Once the knot is tied, dive into a celebration that could rival any spring break – think dance floors that sway to bass beats, cocktail flutes fizzing with bubbly, and starlit swims that cap off the evening. From snorkeling in the Great Maya Reef to club-hopping in the famous Hotel Zone, Cancun is an epic trip down the aisle united with a honeymoon that doesn’t quit. It’s a place where passion is served on a platter of sun, sea, and sand, fueling stories that will be told for years to come. Get ready to start your marriage on the beach in a city that never sleeps.

Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Ah, Puerto Vallarta. Where the vivacious spirit of Mexico meets the tranquil beauty of the Pacific – truly a wedding destination for young couples seeking a vibrant journey down the aisle. Here, you can tie the knot amidst the backdrop of golden beaches and lush, rolling mountains, feasting your senses on sights and sounds as diverse as the deep-blue sea itself. Picture saying your vows as the sun dips behind the ocean and paints the sky with fiery strokes of passion.

Puerto Vallarta offers that ideal mix of seaside serenity and cultural flair, touching every part of your celebration with a hint of magic and a burst of flavor. Dance the night away to lively Mariachi tunes, treat your palate to gourmet Mexican cuisine, and let the joyous warmth of the locals amplify the love that fills the air. Post-ceremony, the adventures are ripe for the taking – whether it’s sailing to hidden coves, exploring bohemian Sayulita, or simply reveling in the luxury of an oceanfront resort. Puerto Vallarta promises a beginning that’s not just about exchanging rings, but about exchanging promises amidst a paradise that pulses with life and love.

Riviera Maya (Mexico)

Riviera Maya is where the lush heartbeat of the Yucatan Peninsula syncs with the carefree spirit of a young couple ready to embark on their forever journey. Here’s where you can exchange vows with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea as your ceremonial orchestra, toes nestled into warm, sun-kissed sands. Picture your reception unfolding amidst cool ocean breezes, vivid with flashes of tropical flora and the tantalizing aroma of Mexican cuisine dancing across your palate. The Riviera Maya is a playground of ancient wonders and modern luxuries. After saying “I do,” why not explore the mystical cenotes, dive into the Great Maya Reef, or simply revel in a seaside cabana as married life begins?

As the stars come out to play, you and your beloved can join them, celebrating under a canopy of glittering lights, indulgent in the knowledge that your love story has found its perfect prologue in this corner of paradise. The Riviera Maya offers not just a destination wedding locale, but an escape to something truly extraordinary, where every heartbeat is a drumbeat, and every moment feels like it’s part of a song that sings, “this is where our adventure starts.”

Tulum (Mexico)

Tulum is where boho dreams marry beachfront bliss, making it total wedding goals for a trendy couple. Picture a ceremony with your toes in the sand and a sea breeze blowing through your hair, all while a soundtrack of waves play and the sun dips into an Insta-worthy splash of pink and orange. Tulum is not just a destination; it’s the vibe of a laid-back yet upscale wedding fiesta, where luxury eco-lodges provide Insta-perfect moments and the ancient ruins serve as epic selfie backdrops.

Plus, it’s a place where your “something blue” is the endless Caribbean Sea. For couples looking to start their forever story with a mix of adventure, spirituality, and the ultimate beach chic, Tulum is the spot. It’s less about walking down the aisle and more about stepping into a shared journey that’s as free-spirited and authentic as the love you share.


Tucked between jungle mystery and Caribbean charm, Belize awaits young couples yearning for a wedding steeped in both adventure and serenity. Envision a beachfront ceremony where the azure sea meets your gaze and the soundtrack is a symphony of gentle waves and tropical birdsong. Dive into the spirit of your union with the vibrant barrier reef as your witness, snorkeling or scuba diving among the kaleidoscopic marine life. Reminisce on your wedding reception with toes nestled in the sand at a beach-side barbeque or amidst the ancient majesty of Mayan ruins lit by the golden hues of an enchanting sunset.

Belize’s unique blend of cultures results in a culinary feast as diverse and rich as your love, adding local flair to every bite. The country’s laid-back atmosphere allows you to savor each moment, from exploring mystic caves to lounging in a hammock strung between palms. Belize isn’t just a destination; it’s a vibrant tapestry of experiences, a place where your love story can unfold with the awe of nature as its canvas.

Costa Rica

Imagine exchanging vows with the one you love in Costa Rica, a land of pura vida vibes and untamed natural beauty that’s certain to kindle the flame of romance for any young couple. Your wedding backdrop? How about lush rainforests echoing with the calls of tropical birds, pristine beaches kissed by Pacific waves, or maybe the mystical cloud forests veiled in a gentle mist. After sealing the deal, let the celebration take on a life of its own with a salsa-dancing reception or a farm-to-table feast featuring the juiciest fruits and zestiest flavors of Central America.

This gem of a country offers the ultimate adventure, from snorkeling coral reefs to hiking up volcanic slopes, making every moment of your wedding journey one for the storybooks. Take a sunset catamaran cruise, bask in the natural hot springs, or simply kick back in an eco-lodge, soaking in the views with your new life partner. In Costa Rica, the vibrant ecosystem reflects the vibrant love you share, ideal for starting your forever in a paradise that’s as lively and full of wonders as your deepest dreams.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic invites you to kick off your wedded bliss where crystal-clear waters meet endless stretches of sandy paradise. Young couples looking for a spectacular blend of vibrant culture and natural wonders will find their rhythm in this Caribbean haven. Tie the knot under a canopied gazebo by the beach with gentle waves serenading your seaside soiree, or perhaps amidst the elegance of a colonial-style venue in Santo Domingo for a touch of historical grandeur. From luxurious resorts offering tailored nuptials to adventures in Punta Cana where you can zipline through tropical forests post-ceremony, this island has it all.

Dance the night away to merengue music; indulge in a feast of fresh, flavorful cuisine; and toast to your future with passionfruit mojitos under the twinkling stars. The Dominican Republic doesn’t just offer a backdrop for your big day; it envelops you in an atmosphere where every moment is alive with the spirit of celebration and the warm embrace of island hospitality.


Jamaica is a slice of tropical bliss, perfect for young couples ready to walk down the aisle in a melody of love and laid-back island vibes. Imagine whispering “I do” on a sun-kissed beach where the reggae rhythms mingle with the sound of the waves and turquoise waters and balmy breezes are your wedding decor. The island’s soulful culture and mouth-watering jerk spices will invigorate your celebration, giving your guests a taste of the Caribbean they won’t forget.

Luxurious all-inclusive resorts make planning a breeze, offering everything from seaside ceremonies to canopy-draped receptions under the stars. Post-wedding, you’re already in the ideal honeymoon spot – plunge into the vibrant marine life with a snorkeling adventure, explore lush rainforests, or simply chill in a hammock, cocktail in hand. In Jamaica, the sunsets set the sky ablaze with passion, echoing the fire in your hearts. Here, love isn’t just a feeling; it’s a journey filled with the rhythm and pulse of island life.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is where love and luxury intertwine beneath the Caribbean sun, a tropical utopia beckoning younger couples with its intoxicating mix of natural beauty and island sophistication to create a truly enchanting wedding. Imagine exchanging vows before the iconic Piton Mountains, nature’s own twin spires whose grandeur can’t help but elevate your moment of unity. Here, the wild heart of the jungle kisses the serene shores, providing a private escape to pledge your lives to each other – whether it’s on a sunlit beach or within the enchanting seclusion of an over-water bungalow.

Let your reception be caressed by the warm island breezes, with calypso rhythms adding a pulse to the air while you dine on Creole-infused cuisine under a canopy of stars. St. Lucia is an idyllic canvas for your big day, brimming with adventures from rainforest zip-lining to couple’s massages on the beach, ensuring your wedding not only captivates the heart but also the spirit. In St. Lucia, your marriage begins on a note so high, only the chorus of the tropics could hope to match it.

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