Ema Smaldone, Student Tour Manager

Ema Smaldone joined Star Destinations in 2011 with a BA in Communications and currently helms the company’s student travel division, bringing education to life for students across the country. She is inspired by teachers’ passion for introducing students to the world beyond their classroom and instilling in them a sense of wanderlust. Under Ema’s expertise, students watch American history leap off the pages of their textbooks in Washington, DC; share their musical talents on the Disney stage; or go behind the scenes of agricultural innovation. Her ability to coordinate top-notch tours from the initial itinerary through trip’s end also benefits Star Destinations’ older travelers, with Ema also specializing in adult tours throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Chicago, Bonaire, Canada, Dominica, and Washington, DC, are some of Ema’s favorite getaways, and she particularly enjoys visiting family in Miami. Her dream is to one day venture on an around-the-world cruise! Outside of work, Ema can be found on the golf course, upcycling furniture, keeping up with her two small girls, and watching quirky tv shows with her husband.